Novara & Piedmont


Piedmont is a cradle of art and culture, history and memories, legends and traditions.

Cities, towns, abbeys, castles and fortifications, mountains, hills, plains, lakes and a superlative cooking. This and much more entitle Piedmont to be a land to discovery.

Past and future, art and the culture of food, handicrafts and research are all established in a region with a powerful productive impulse: an area which is both at the avant-garde of innovation and new technology pole.



Novara is a nice town, strategically located between Piedmont and Lombardy, nerve point and gateway to Europe.

Milan is just 40 minutes by car or train while Turin is 1 hour by train far from Novara. Simplon Pass, which is the gate towards Northern Europe. In about 30 minutes by car you can reach Maggiore and Orta Lakes,  which are two authentic natural jewels. Malpensa International Airport is about 20 minutes far from the city.

Novara is a sort of “salon”, a place to discover: the tower bell of San Gaudenzio and all Antonelli architecture, the Roman Walls, the Broletto complex and the Civics Museums, the Cathedral and the Baptistery.

In the outskirts, it is so pleasant to wonder through the fields, the farmhouses, the rice fields, discovering the traditional land of rice weeders and herons. Moreover you can be delighted by and the tasty wines (Ghemme, Boca, Fara, Sizzano) combined with typical salamis and cheese, first of all, the famous Gorgonzola.

Novara’s traditional cooking is rich and considerable. The typical dish is Paniscia, based on rice, beans and vegetables.

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