Stopover Italian Style

Just put your feet in Italy and feel at home, completely immersed in a unique holiday experience: sun, flavours, scents and breath-taking landscapes that, in each and every corner, Italy offers to an amazed traveller. From the seas through the lakes to the mountains, from the vineyard hills through the rice fields to many natural parks, from the cultural and historical cities through folk festivals and great exhibitions to the gastronomic heritage: the “Bel Paese” is waiting for you and Stopover will be your guide to discover and enjoy the Land of Wonders.

  • exclusive, distinctive and unique travel opportunities for groups and special interest travellers. A high qualified multilingual team is at disposal for planning and booking, problem solving and assistance any time of the year
  • food&wine experiences: charming atmospheres, country mansions, wine tasting, theme lunches and dinners. Cuisine is the key to discover the true essence of a Country like Italy
  • personalized services focused on sport and cultural events. With more than 300 golf courses, famous football teams, car races, fantastic sky-slopes Italy is the paradise of outdoor activities. Not to mention the incredible number of museums!
  • wonderful beaches, emerald seas, fully equipped boats: a different point of view and a unique way of exploring Italy and its coasts
  • famous folk festivals and ancient traditions in Italy are the mirrors of spontaneous and genuine people. Unique hand-made goods (such as pottery and glasses), Italian fashion and jewellery are the most stylishly and elegant in the world. Italian film tradition, music, dance and theatre are considered to be among the best in the world. Stopover combines your interests with the magic of Italy


Novara & Alto Piemonte

Piedmont is a cradle of art and culture, history and memories, legends and traditions…

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Discover Italy

Customized tours for the discovery of the Italian cuisine through the regions of the “Bel Paese”, their wines and culinary specialities that characterize them…

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Alto Piemonte

A mosaic of emotions